Today was a very ordinary day. It was Valentine’s day, and although I had been resolute to wake up in time for the gym, I woke up horrendously late at 8 am. Gradually, I lost all hope to do anything productive and just slogged through the day with cheap entertainment.

Then, suga asked me if I’d watch a movie with her in the afternoon. We watched a movie about high school romance and stuff, and suddenly it was the first 14th february I was having a movie date with someone. Coronavirus has been less unfair to me in that way, I fancy. I slogged through the other half of the day with some more cheap entertainment, a bit of my usual cycling for the day to the railway station and back. The train was passing through and in that moment, I think I was reminded of something from the anime “5 centimetres per second”. It was a very fleeting moment but it did feel otherworldly, like a series of moving frames. I pestered my suga late night into watching about time with me, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Dare was that last one to the movie’s s sissy and she is the one then. Good night!

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